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    Manning Brothers’ Raise Monday Night Football Ratings 138%

    The Manning brothers are dominating the television screen on “Monday Night Football”. The new landscape and refreshing vibe these two bring to the network has been something ESPN has been missing for some time now. The Manning brothers have increased its viewership by 138% following last week’s debut,per ESPN. They have become the most-watched alternate show in ESPN history, in just two shows.

    On the latest show, they both watched the Green Bay Packers take on the Detroit Lions. Throughout the game, Peyton and Eli would dissect important moments and just break down the game more in-depth for the average viewer who may not understand what they are watching. Their latest show had an average of 1.9 million viewers, while the previous week’s exciting overtime match between the Baltimore Ravens and Las Vegas Raiders had an average of 800,000 viewers.

    Monday Night Football Viewership History

    The previous high for an ESPN alternate show was 1.03 million for the 2018 College Football Playoff championship game between Alabama and Georgia. Monday’s game had an overall average of 13.8 million across all of ESPN’s channels and functions. The Manning brothers are scheduled to do eight more Monday night games in the 2021 season. They will be broadcasting the next week’s Monday night matchup where the Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Dallas Cowboys. The remaining seven games are unknown at the moment.

    As the NFL viewership continues to grow, it will allow opportunities for newer faces and refreshing voices to entertain the masses like the Manning brothers. The NFL viewership is up 14% over the first two weeks last year, per sources. The current viewerships of 18 million is the highest its been since 2016.

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