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    LeBron James Comments On Passing Karl Malone: ‘It’s an honor’

    Los Angeles Lakers star and Future Hall of Famer LeBron James recently passed Karl Malone for the NBA’s second all-time leading scorer, reported ESPN . The game was much different then than it is today. Meaning, the majority of Malone’s baskets came from layups, and backdoor cuts versus LeBron whose scoring come from more diverse shots.

    James entered the game midway through the second quarter with 20 points remaining until he passed Malone. Ultimately, James ended the game with 38 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists. Yet, the Lakers fell short to the Washington Wizards, 127-119. The only person he’s yet to surpass is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has 38,387 points.

    “Just to be part of this league the many years I’ve been a part of it and is linked to some of the greatest who’s ever played this game. The guys I’ve ever watched or studied or read about or aspired to be like … I’m just always lost for words for it,” James said. “It’s an honor for me, and for my hometown. My family and friends to be able to live these moments throughout this journey. And that’s exactly who I do it for.”

    Will LeBron James catch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar before his career is over?

    Naturally, James only has a couple of years left in the NBA narrows his window to catch this milestone. However, James is more than capable of playing to the ability to focus purely on scoring to surpass Abdul-Jabbar. When James is asked regarding the record, he responds:

    “I will not allow myself to think about it,” James said. “I’ve always just played the game the way I’ve been playing it over the years, and these things have just happened organically by just going out and just playing the game the right way.”

    “So I hope to accomplish that at some point in my career, but I won’t think about it too much pretty much until we get there hopefully,” James added.

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