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    Lil Nas X Turns Down ‘Love & HipHop’s’ Bobby Lytes

    Since coming out to the world, Lil Nas X career has skyrocketed. The young emcee initially squandered over the possibility of loosing his fanbase after revealing his homosexuality back in 2019 during Pride Week. Fortunately, the rapper’s “coming out” was met with a majorly positive response from fans. Now people are hitting on the young emcee. In particular, Love & HipHop’s Bobby Lytes is sliding into Lil Nas X’s DMs. Unfortunately, the “Old Town Road” rapper turns down Lytes’ attempts.

                Bobby Lytes Comes On Little Too Strong

    Love & HipHop’s  Bobby Lytes admitted to having a major crush on Lil Nas X back in 2019. Though, he never received a response from the “Rodeo” rapper after making several attempts at pursuing him. However, the openly gay reality star doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Lytes took to Twitter to in hopes of enlisting fans to help him get noticed by Lil Nas X. “I need advice! I like Lil Nas a lot, but he’s ignoring me, and that’s not cool. I’ve also had a crush on Tyler The Creator. What should I do?” the Love & HipHop star tweeted.

    Since releasing the tweet, the reality star went into full pursuit of Lil Nas X. Lytes has attempted chance meetings with him at award shows and leaving him flirty comments on his social. The Source reports that Lil Nas X “misses” Bobby Lytes several attempts but really, the reality star comes off as a bit of stalker. At this point, Lil Nas X might’ve just turned him down.

    Lil Nas X Turns Down Bobby Lytes

    The young emcee finally revealed his response to Lytes attempts during a recent interview with The Morning Hustle’s Lore’l. When asked about the type of people he pursues, Lil Nas X explained that he likes the challenge of wooing of partner. He even went as far as saying that it’s “sexy” when they ignore him. Not sure Bobby Lytes feels the same way. Lore’l puts Lil Nas X in the hot seat after asking if he’s aware of the reality star’s huge crush on him. Nas X admits that Lytes is a cutie but isn’t ready for the dating scene yet.

    In the end, baddie Bobby Lytes got his response. Rather than walking away from the turn down, however, the reality star hilariously still tries to pursue Lil Nas X. “After hearing all that, I’m in! Lil Nas X, I accept your date offer,” Lytes tweeted after watching the interview. Does this guy not know what a ‘turn down’ means?

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