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    Lil’ Kim Supports Kamala Despite Past Comments

    Lil’ Kim congratulates VP Kamala Harris 

    Rappers like Lil’ Kim may be used to people throwing dirt on their names but not the Vice President-elect. If people are out of line, they are usually corrected. Even if that person is Kamala Harris.

    Apparently, the rapper chose to take the high road. Fans were surprised, especially after Harris’ past remarks.

    Many Americans went out to express their excitement for this historic election victory. Celebrities didn’t hold back their thoughts either.

    The history of Lil’ Kim and Kamala Harris’ beef

    VP Kamala Harris is known for weighing in on celebrities, dead and alive. Back in 2006, Harris appeared on a BET special entitled Lil’ Kim: Countdown to Lockdown. She discusses the way the Black community should deal with people who do wrong. Harris comments that it is more than just honoring the street code.

    “It is much more serious than ‘What is the code among friends who are on the street. I want us to handle cases like Lil’ Kim’s differently. As a community, we should say, “We won’t glorify the gangster.”

    Harris’ remarks during her time as San Francisco’s district attorney recently resurfaced. They were brought to light when she became Joe Biden’s running mate.

    Lil’ Kim shocks fans 

    Lil’ Kim took to social media to share a few words about the Biden-Harris victory.

    “Right support sis any way because she’s a woman a black woman at that then she will see that her actions and words were coming from a hateful place from inside herself.”

    Lil’ Kim went on to post a tweet as her way of congratulating Harris on the historic win. Hopefully there will be nothing but positive energy between these two influential female figures. Harris and Biden will need as many allies in the community that they can get.


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