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    Lil Greg Update, G Herbo Remembers His Friend

    The hip-hop community has been reeling after the untimely death of Chicago resident Lil Greg. The friend of G Herbo was shot in the face during a barber shop visit, according to reports by the Chicago Sun-Times and police.

    The 24-year-old South Shore resident was killed at Studio Nineteen in the city’s South Loop. According to the police, he was shot while waiting for his haircut in a chair. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital shortly afterward.

    Known as “Lil Greg,” Gregory Jackson III was in the barber shop at 1931 South State Street around noon on Jan. 28 when a gunman walked in and shot him. The victim was a close friend of Chicago rapper G Herbo and a father to two children, according to his mother Nicole Griffin. R.I.P.

    He was the eldest son of Herbo’s former assistant and longtime associate, Greg Jackson II. He was raised in the Terror Town neighborhood of Chicago, a high-crime area.

    As a child, he grew up listening to rap music and watched The X-Files. He also favored Doc Martens shoes. He was a fan of the movie The Hangover, and would often listen to his favorite songs at the movies.

    When he was young, Greg had a strong interest in the history of Las Vegas. He reportedly researched Mob bosses from the past, and had been writing a book on the untold stories of the city.

    A close friend of G Herbo’s, he was a well-known rap artist in his hometown of Chicago. He was shot in the head on January 28, prosecutors said.

    Herbo, who has not been arrested for the shooting, took to social media in recent days to share a message of support and condolences to his friend’s family. In a lengthy post on Instagram, the rapper wrote that he and Lil Greg had been friends since childhood and that he was going to “be with him forever.” He also released a song in his friend’s memory, “Locked In”.

    Although he had a relatively short rap career, he did not release any music in 2018. He remained active as a member of a hip-hop collective called the Swervos until recently.

    He was a talented musician and a well-respected member of the Hip-Hop community, a reputation that he earned through his rap songs, collaborations with other artists, and performances at major concerts and festivals. He was also the founder of his own label, Defamer Records.

    In addition to his rap career, Lil Greg had also started a small business that focused on baking and decorating cakes and cookies. He teaches his craft to people who want to learn how to bake like him, and he has won many competitions for his work.

    While he is no longer a part of the CSI team, he does still have a close relationship with the other CSIs. He is often referred to as “Greggo” and “G”, and he has a very close relationship with Detective Sofia Curtis, who sometimes offers forensic advice to him in episodes such as Season Five’s “Spark of Life.”

    As a CSI, Greg was able to achieve his goal of being promoted from Level 2 to a CSI Level 1 in the series’ fifth season. In that season, he is sent to investigate several crime scenes and has several successes, such as finding the fingerprint of a murder victim under his fingernails in the episode “No Humans Involved.”

    He also saved a tourist who was being attacked by a group of teenager thrill-seekers in the episode “Fannysmackin’.” As a result, he is diagnosed with a broken leg in that same episode.

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