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    Not-So-Funny Lil Duval Hates Black Women and Afros

    Lil Duval is a turncoat to the black female race.

    Lil Duval got on Twitter, where he expressed his hateful views on the African American afro–specifically, the afro worn by black woman, reports Bossip.

    “I hate the big curly bushy hair look. I’m not saying stop wearing it ladies i personally just don’t like it. I like every other style tho especially the straight hair look. But that big Afro lion shit. no can do”

    The comedian, who is black himself, states that he hates “that big afro shit.” But ironically he had sported an afro before he made it big.

    So what’s the big issue?

    It’s clear that he would prefer black women to copy the European standard of beauty. He even say’s it himself when he says “I like every other style tho especially the straight hair look.”

    No Black women has naturally straight hair when born…only white women.

    Now, it’s important to note that Lil Duval is a comedian, so he could have been joking. However, black women on Twitter didn’t find it funny– if in fact it was a joke. But that’s not likely.

    Check out what a few people said:

    “I’m beyond heated lil duval said that stupid shit..claiming women who have that “big Afro lion shit” are hiding other insecurities.. when in reality it took most of us years of self-hate,bullying, and hair damaging, to get to this point of CONFIDENCE with our natural hair..”

    “Lil duval clearly on some bull shit because nothing is better then a Afro or natural hair in general.”

    “Lil Duval is salty because black women’s afro hair stands taller than him.”

    Let’s pray Lil Duval’s Twitter was hacked.

    Thoughts? How do you feel about Lil Duval dissing black women’s hair? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.


    Image credit: Billboard

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