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    Las Vegas Raiders Jon Gruden Resigns After Awful Comments Surface

    Jon Gruden steps down as Las Vegas Raiders head coach following the exposure of offensive comments involving racism, sexism, and homophobia, as reported by ESPN.

    Distasteful Words from Former Las Vegas Raiders Coach

    Following reports, he wrote these emails over a ten-year period and they have just come to the surface within the past couple of days. Gruden admitted that he said these things and seemed to regret his actions.

    In 2011 during a time when my state of mind was negative I candidly expressed my dissatisfaction by referring to Roger Goodell in derogatory terms in one of the emails. This is what the Raiders coach acknowledged during his conversation with ESPN on Friday evening. “They prevented players and coaches from pursuing their passion with a lockout. There were also public concerns about the safety of the sport I adore.” During my involvement with high school football in the Tampa Florida area at that time I encountered numerous parents who displayed genuine fear and apprehension when it came to permitting their kids to engage in this sport. It just didn’t sit well with me.”

    The Raiders owner Mark Davis released a short statement saying that he has accepted the resignation of Gruden. The assistant coach Rich Bisaccia will serve as interim head coach, the team announced.

    Jon Gruden’s Resignation

    The resignation came almost immediately after the New York Times broke the story. They stated he used misogynistic and homophobic language numerous times throughout these emails within a seven-year period. The report came days after ten-year-old emails from Gruden surfaced that included racist comments towards NFL Players Association director DeMaurice Smith.

    Gruden sent these emails to the former president of the Washington Football Team, Bruce Allen, per The New York Times. Gruden emailed Allen that Goodell shouldn’t have pressured then- St.Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft “queers”, referring to former defensive end Michael Sam. Also throughout the emails, he continuously used excessive offensive language towards several owners, coaches, and media members around the league.

    “I love the Raiders and do not want to be a distraction,” Gruden said in a statement Monday night. “I want to thank all the players, coaches, staff, and fans of Raider Nation. I deeply apologize for any harm caused by my words. It was never my intention to hurt anyone… I regret using derogatory language towards De Smith. I never had any racial intent when I said it,” Gruden further stated. “I am truly embarrassed by the content that has surfaced. I never intended for it to come across as negatively as it did.”

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