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    Lara Spencer Gives Bullshit Apology to Prince George Ballet Joke

    Lara Spencer is in the hot seat.

    Lara Spencer must not know how sensitive Americans have become, especially when it comes to gender roles nowadays, because she really fucked up when she made an “insensitive” comment about Prince George.

    Last week, on Thursday, Prince William disclosed that his son, Prince George, was falling in love with the age-old dance ballet. Now, before we get into what Lara said, it’s important the note that male dancers have always been judged. Some are even labeled homosexual because ballet is typically considered a feminine art.

    However, Lara did not consider her words before she blurted them out on television. Her exact words were, “I have news for you, Prince William: We’ll see how long that lasts.”

    She made the comment on “Good Morning America,” and it outraged many viewers. Later, after realizing her mistake, she did apologize. But, people aren’t buying it. They think it’s forced and fake.

    “I screwed up. The comment I made about dance was insensitive. It was stupid and I am deeply sorry. I have spoken with several members of the dance community over the past few days. I have listened. [She] have learned about the bravery it takes for a young boy to pursue a career in dance.”

    The Blast obtained one critic’s opinion of Lara’s apology:

    “She’s a bully. That’s the part that’s the most troubling. Bullies only apologize when they’re scared they will lose something.”

    The critic might be right. Although Lara apologized, she’d probably never let her son join a ballet school. And even though she had a discussion with three male professional dancers, it was probably all for show.

    Any thoughts? Do you think Lara Spencer’s apology to Prince George is genuine? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comment section below.

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