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    L.O.U.D Muzik’s Junket: HypeFresh Interviews Lillie Mae Senoj

    HypeFresh’s interview with Lillie Mae is short and very sweet one. She is a true Virginia sweetheart growing her consultant empire in Atlanta. Lillie’s entrepreneurial spirit moves seamless through a room. Also, she embodies the essence of a boss aesthetic, magnetizing folks to her interview set up at the L.O.U.D Radio Press conference. She is definitely authentic.

    Who Is Lillie Mae?

    Clearly, she is a ray of sunshine in an array of concentrations as she boasts over 18 years of experience. She is currently a Behavioral Health Case Manager of a Major US-MCO, according to Linkedin. She is Chief Executive Officer of Senoj Consulting Xpress. Senoj Consulting specializes in strategic planning, public education and business development. Of course, Miss Lillie is an advocate of growth and mental stability. The multi-faceted queen set up shop at L.O.U.D’s first radio conference for interviews.

    HypeFresh’s Interview With The Senoj Consulting at the L.O.U.D. Muzik Press Junket

    1. What services does Senoj consulting provide?

    Lillie Mae: Currently, I provide strategic planning services for start up businesses. I also provide supportive services for independent artists through an artist advisory counsel which is powered Sky IV Records. By day, I’m a Behavioral Health Practitioner so if you need some supportive services, please see me on the professional side.

    2. How do artists maintain a sense of originality in a crowded field of mainstream artists?

    LM: The reality is, they have to be themselves. Number one, they have to make sure that they are socially and emotionally well. For this reason, this is where the behavioral health piece comes in at. The only way to be authentically you, is to know who you are. And the reality is a lot our babies don’t know who they are. Babies include adults.

    3. What tips would you give artists seeking to monetize their brands?

    LM: So, the biggest thing I would do is make sure that all of their legal documents and paperwork is in order. A lot of artists have not registered their name, you know, they don’t have an LLC. They don’t understand publishing or things of that nature. So, realistically, I would sit down with them and do a consultation. And no, this is not one of those $1500  consultations, that fakes like you’re really going to get signed, and ain’t never signed nobody in their lifetime—antwayz. It would really be an opportunity to sit down and assess what you really have and really see what you need. Honestly, even if you can monetize your brand, because some people don’t have anything to monetize.

    A lot of the time the people that we talk to negatively reinforce the things we are already dealing with, and you don’t need that.

    Senoj Consulting

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