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    Kyrie Irving Still Refuses To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

    Cases of deaths from unvaccinated people peaked the week of August 8, 13.23 per 100,000 population. Meanwhile, deaths from vaccinated folk have remained under four per 100,000 in that week. Yet people like NBA player Kyrie Irving are refusing the vaccination of COVID-19.

    No matter the difference, the overview is the same: unvaccinated are at a higher risk than those who are vaccinated against COVID-19.

    The NBA Stands for COVID-19 Vaccines

    Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, said on Monday he felt “very good”. He approves of the leagues’ coronavirus protocols, despite the lack of a vaccine mandate for players.

    Mandatory vaccination is a requirement for those who work closely with the players. This includes referees, coaches, trainers, and media members. Although the rate of vaccinated members according to Silver has reached “roughly 96 percent” and will likely “tick up a little bit more once the season starts”.

    Meanwhile, unvaccinated players will have to do daily testing and adhere to other restrictions to limit contact. This is similar to some cities’ mandates, such as New York City and San Francisco. Unvaccinated players are to be banned from playing until full vaccination is complete. A vivid example is Kyrie Irving and the New York Nets.

    Kyrie Irving Refusal

    Because of his refusal, the Nets have chosen to bench Irving from playing and practice until he becomes a “full-time member of the team”.

    There are only two ways this can go: either Irving gets vaccinated and rejoins the team, practically missing a season, or gets traded from the Nets.

    While it sounds like, for now, the Nets don’t intend to give Kyrie Irving a nine-figure extension. According to Athletic’s Shams Charania, it would be worth $186 million over four years.

    Furthermore, the Nets do not contemplate paying Kyrie for missing home games. In fact, his absence from play racks up a total of $16 million, if he misses all 41 games.

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