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    Kodak Black Will Remain Cozy In Jail..Bond Denied!!

    You may not see Kodak Black for a while, and it’s all stemming from some serious legal issues.

    Recently law enforcement ended up arresting the rapper, after being charging federal and state related to officials uncovering weapons. This all took place prior to him getting ready to take the stage at Rolling Loud. The time has changed as his bond was set at $500,000. However, court documents reflect that he won’t be leaving jail until possibly next week.

    Kodak Black Bond Denied

    Originally it was thought that the judge would be releasing the rapper. Furthermore, that changed once the government appealed in response to his trouble past convictions. That which includes previously facing sexual assault charges against a teenage girl. In wake of the appeal, his legal counsel attempted to provide some reassurance with offering 24-hour supervision during the bond.

    “My company is willing and able to escort and transport him back to the Southern District of Florida should the State of South Carolina subsequently release Mr. Kapri for home confinement within the Southern District of Florida pursuant to pre-trial release ordered by this court.”

    Despite the offer the judge reportedly has decided that he would rather the 21-year-old rapper stay behind bars. His trial will officially begin on June 24th. More than likely the earlier releasing for the rapper will be on May 29th.

    At some point will the rapper learn his lesson? Is it far that Kodak Black bond denied? Will he distance himself away from trouble? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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