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    Kanye: “Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” 16th Anniversary

    Louisiana Hit By Another Hurricane

    Kanye said George Bush didn’t get it right. Yet will other politicians do for Black people?

    Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Louisiana on August 29, 2005, causing extensive damage as it swept through the Gulf region. According to, Katrina earned the title of being the most devastating catastrophic storm in American history. The storm left 1,833 dead and $125 million dollars in damage in 2005. The storm hit as a category 5 hurricane with gusty winds whipping at 174 miles per hour.

    History repeats on August 29th of 2021, 16 years after Hurricane Katrina. According to  Wikipedia , Hurricane Ida is the second most catastrophic storm in the 21 century. Hundreds rescued by deployed crew members while others subjected themselves to flood water, power outages, alligators and drowning. According to , death toll rise above 40 marker. Majority of the casualties occurred by drowning victims in cars and houses. At least 23 died in New Jersey and other areas along the northeast.

    Both have a common similarity, those affected most by the storm are in low-income areas.

    Kanye Comments Resurface

    Kanye West, the forefather of saying things at the wrong time had a message for President George Bush, announcing it live on NBCUniversal as A Concert for Hurricane Relief   Chicago reports. Many other artists and actors also supported the cause.

    Comedian Mike Myers and West stood before a script to follow for live audiences. Though Myers stuck to the script, Kanye had his own plan. This being Kanye’s first public outburst of many throughout his career. Exactly 16 years to date, September 2, 2005 Kanye stated:

    “I dislike how the media portrays us. When they show a black family, they label it as ‘looting,’ but when it’s a white family, they say they’re ‘searching for food.’ It’s been five days, and help has been slow to arrive because many affected people are black. Even though I find it difficult to watch, I can’t complain without being a hypocrite. Before donating, I was even out shopping. Now, I’m contacting my business manager to determine the largest donation I can make. I can’t help but imagine if I were there, with my own people suffering. If anyone wants to help, it’s important to remember that assistance for the poor, black community, and those less fortunate in America is often delayed. The Red Cross is doing their best, but many who could provide aid are involved in another battle and have even been granted permission to shoot us! George Bush doesn’t care about black people!”


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