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    Julia Fox’s Tiny, Cluttered Apartment With Mice

    Julia Fox’s Apartment Adventure: Actress In Cluttered Apartment With Mice

    Julia Fox, the actress we know from ‘Uncut Gems’ and her whirlwind romance with Kanye West, recently hopped on TikTok to give us a tour of her small New York City apartment. It didn’t take long for the post to go viral, and it’s easy to see why.

    It’s like a mini adventure as she shows us her living room that also serves as her bedroom, a hallway with toys and clothes scattered about, a bathroom that’s almost like a closet, and a kitchen overflowing with shoeboxes. But what’s the big surprise? Well, it turns out she’s got some unexpected guests – mice!

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    Julia Fox is sparking a debate about celebrities, their humility, and what they do with wealth. Some of her fans dig the fact that she keeps it real while others worry about where such young sons would be hanging around in terms of safety and cleanliness. But through all the discussions, Fox stands firm and isn’t apologizing for her living situation.

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    Julia Fox wants her child to appreciate actual life experiences as opposed to getting lost in fancy things. She draws from her own childhood in Italy and New York, where she faced cramped living spaces and even times when she didn’t have a home. For her, it’s not how much but what you learn from life.

    Julia fox famous for her Kanye West romance and bold fashion choices

    While Julia Fox might be famous for her Kanye West romance and bold fashion choices, her down-to-earth apartment has taken everyone by surprise. This peek into her life shows an honest side that isn’t glamorous at all in the world of fame.

    Now, about those mice in Julia Fox’s apartment – it’s a curveball we didn’t see coming. We want to see how she will handle this unexpected turn of events and if it’ll change where she calls home.

    At the end of it all, Julia Fox’s willingness to share her charming apartment journey on TikTok prompted a discussion about humility no matter how famous you are. Among all the opinions, one thing’s clear: Julia Fox is staying true to herself and is determined to give her son a down-to-earth upbringing, no matter how cozy the space or who shares it with them.

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