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    Judgement Day, Batman’s biggest villians are here in TLH.

    Judgment Day, Batman’s Biggest Villians Are Here in The Long Halloween.

    The second part trailer for Batman: The Long Halloween has dropped. It looks gritty and  action-packed. Batman is at his most vulnerable due to his distraction with the mob war and hunt for the Holiday killer. Primed for the picking, all his rogue villians will be out to take advantage. Unfortunately, time is not on Batman’s side. His obsession and desperation may contribute to some unintended consequences. Resulting, in a problem forging it’s way too close to Bruce wayne. Despite, the PG-13 rating for part one, part two is rated R.

    The Long Halloween, Part two, Trailer:

    The Plot Continues for Batman

     “The clock is ticking. The days are numbered. The end has just begun.”

    Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two
    Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two Comissioner Gordon and Batman discuss Harvey Dent. Warner Bros, DC Universe

    Part two is the conclusion of this storyline. Unfortunately, Batman is stretched thin in this comic adaptation. But, The Dark Knight must face the threat of his biggest villians. Simulataneously, Batman must work to track a new villian  (Holiday Killer), stop a mob war, and help a friend in trouble. The World’s Greatest Detective attempts to solve the mystery of the Holiday Killer. Batman: The Long Halloween, trailer teases the thrilling conclusion to the two-part animated movie.

    Finally, Part Two continues with the Holiday Killer still at large. Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne is sidetracked while under the spell of the venomous Poison Ivy. A unified horde of his biggest villians decide to spread chaos and destruction.

    “Everyone is invited to this party.”

    It's judgment day!
    Batman: The Long Halloween All of Batman’s biggest villians are here and Vigilante Justice will rain down with Chaos. Warner Bros & DC Universe

    During the trailer, this line is said followed by a montage of the Caped Crusaders’ biggest villians. They include The Joker, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, The Penguin, Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, Mad Hatter, Two-face and don’t forget the Holiday Killer.

    Harvey Dent Emerges with a new, dangerous identity.

    Harvey Dent
    Batman: The Long Halloween Harvey Dent undergoes a identity transformation in the thrilling conclusion of TLH. Warner Bros & DC Universe

    Meanwhile, Harvey Dent is trying to end a mob war and keep his failing marriage together. Ultimately after a disasterous attack, he must come to terms with his disfigurement and in so launches a new identity. As Two-Face, a polar opposite of his previous identity, he takes control where the law fails and seeks justice his own way. 

    The Thrilling Conclusion has us on the edges of our seat.

    Now, Can Batman put all the pieces together in time to stop his biggest threat and solve the challenging case of the Holiday Killer? Part Two concludes in an adrenaline thrillride to the end in The Long Halloween. Part two will release July 27, 2021 

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