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    Joyner Lucas Responds To Karen Civil Debacle

    Joyner Lucas Attacks Karen Civil

    Massachusetts rapper Joyner Lucas went off this weekend on social media mogul Karen Civil. He’s accusing her of scamming and stealing $60k from the rapper. Where he mentioned that he was supposed to set up various shows and interviews to help grow his career back in 2015.

    Joyner also said that at the time he was expecting and Karen Civil took advantage and ghosted him.

    In a tweet, the rapper shared a 2015 memo expressing his frustration, stating, “I was desperate for your help, and you knew it. But once you were paid, you disappeared. I didn’t expect to be ignored like this. Here I am.”

    “After receiving the upfront payment, you stopped taking my calls. Every time I reached out, you answered with an attitude, as if I was bothering you. I sent you numerous messages begging you to do your job because I was in a tight spot. You took advantage of me.”

    Joyner Lucas also mentioned on Twitter that he was financially struggling to support his child, saying, “I was broke and at my lowest point, man. That 60k was my last attempt to make a breakthrough, and you stole it from me right after my son was born. The media may protect you, but what you did was wrong. At that time, I only had around 5k followers.”

    Reason for Talking About Controversy

    According to Complex, Lucas said he didn’t want to say anything or put his career on the line but decided to talk about it in 2010. After rapper Cam’ron came out against Civil over comments she made about him and Jay-Z.

    “I was scared to stand up for myself at that time because I didn’t want to be blacklisted,” he explained. “I had no understanding of how this industry works, and I didn’t want my reputation to be tarnished. Out of fear, I chose to remain silent.”

    Following Joyner’s accusations, he demanded the removal of all comments on Twitter and an apology. He also shared text messages exchanged between his team and hers, revealing a pre-written apology from Civil’s team.

    “After I spoke out, your associates contacted me directly and attempted to intimidate me. They even tried to force me to write this fake apology, making me appear unstable to the public,” he further expressed.

    Let’s hope this debacle between the two can be resolve in an adult manner.

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