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    John “Woods” Armwood’s NFL offseason predictions for all 16 NFC teams

    With the 2021 NFL season concluding with the Los Angeles Rams winning the Super Bowl, the offseason is upon us all. First up, let’s go through the 16 teams in the NFC (National Football Conference) and see what these teams need to elevate their games the following year. This could mean contract extensions, position needs, or trades. The Rams will hang out for a while before they began joining the offseason activities. However, this doesn’t mean each of the 32 teams’ evaluations hasn’t begun. Evaluations amongst teams usually consist of identifying the weakness of your teams then looking at the prospects available to fill those positions. Here’s the tricky part, everyone else is acknowledging these are also the top prospects also. That lads many teams are either forced to pass on talent or find creative ways to acquire them.

    This list was inspired by ESPN’s Bill Barnwell , however, my thoughts and observations shall be based upon last year’s production and stats.


    Dallas Cowboys:

    They must move on from Ezekiel Elliot. These past several years, Elliott has looked like a shell of himself and hasn’t produced as he once did. Please do not misconstrue my words, Elliott is still a great running back, however, he’s not the workhorse anymore. He’s transitioned into a great number two running back and shows flashes of production here and there. Elliott has been a consistent 1,000-yard rusher for the majority of his career, in the years he missed the mark it’s been by 50 yards or fewer. However, each year after 2018, his carries have dropped significantly due to injuries or just lack of production.

    New York Giants:

    Please for the love of God move on from Saquan Barkley and decline Daniel Jones’s fifth-year option. Jones has improved each year, however, he’s a game-managing quarterback that turns the ball over quite a bit. Barkley is a stud but the Giant’s offensive line is considered one of the worst in the NFL. Yet, they may be able to trade him and gain draft capital or a productive player.

    Washington Commanders:

    The biggest whole they must fix is simple, their quarterback. They must find who’s going to lead this team going forward. Taylor Heinicke and Ryan Fitzpatrick aren’t the answers. Their offensive line is shaky and needs to be addressed as well. The main concern is for them to draft a quarterback or be willing to trade some depth on the defensive side of the ball and acquire a very capable and willing quarterback to help them compete.

    Philadelphia Eagles:

    It seems to be the Eagles’ main concern is their offensive line and their safeties. They have an anchor at cornerback in Darius Slay. However, they need to sign a legitimate safety to help them solidify their presence defensively. As a result, will help them better against the pass in which last season they were among some of the worst in the league. While their core is young and they are still rebuilding, they have an opportunity to acquire a veteran safety to help guide that young defense.


    Chicago Bears:

    They MUST add talent to their offensive line in order for Justin Fields to be successful. This is imperative for the young quarterback’s development and growth. They must also attempt to add a number one receiver or a target for Fields to throw too.

    Detroit Lions:

    The Lions need to add a true receiving threat and a pass rusher. The Lions lack a legitimate threat down the field to help Jared Goff out. Another rebuilding team has shown promise, however, they must build upon the momentum in which they finished the season last season.

    Green Bay Packers:

    For the love of God please sign Aaron Rodgers back. Per sources, the Packers have restructured star tackle David Bakhtiari and are attempting to sign Davante Adams back to assure Rodgers returns. They drafted Jordan Love a few years back, however, if Rodgers leaves the Packers will not return to the same competitive level.

    Minnesota Vikings:

    The Vikings will have to resign Kirk Cousins going forward in order for the Vikings to continue to compete. Their tea is fairly talented on the offense and defensive sides of the ball. The biggest questions always stemmed from Cousins’s consistency and their coaching.


    Atlanta Falcons:

    The Falcons have been the middle child for far too long. People cannot tell if they want to rebuild or still compete to win the division. They’re too bad to win a Super Bowl or go far in the playoffs, but they’re too good to be one of the worst teams in the league. They must find a direction and commit.

    Carolina Panthers:

    The Panthers need to be looking for a tackle to protect their plethora of mid-tier quarterbacks. They must invest in a high draft pick and develop him to be a stud. Their quarterbacks have been getting hurt for several years and they have little or no run game without Christian McCaffery.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

    With the retirement of Tom Brady, they must replace him immediately. They will never replace Brady but they must find a competent quarterback to compete with until they fully rebuild that roster into a winning machine.

    New Orleans Saints:

    The Saints have to sign a legitimate quarterback. They attempted to play with Taysom Hill the previous year and found success at times. However, it was night and day and many would acknowledge that the Saints must look for talent elsewhere. There are several quarterbacks in this upcoming draft and a few possible free-agent opportunities around the corner as, as well.


    Arizona Cardinals:

    The Cardinals have a choice whether they want to bring Chandler Jones back or replace him. He’s one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL and will quickly find a home. There are plenty of teams that are in dire need of a pass rusher. If the Cardinals don’t bring him they will have to replace him.

    Los Angeles Rams:

    While Andrew Whitworth has been amazing many believe he will retire and even if he doesn’t he’s still 40 years of age. There are several prospects out there they can acquire to help at least replace the future Hall of Famer going forward.

    Seattle Seahawks:

    The secondary must be addressed as they were exposed last season. Jamal Adams’s replacement must be looked for as soon as possible. The reality is Adams has had amazing years in the NFL, however, these days are behind him and he’s below average as of late.

    San Franciso 49ers:

    The 49ers seem to be moving on from Jimmy G. They have groomed the young quarterback Trey Lance and allowed him to make starts throughout the year. He’s shown promise, however, there are tons of developing the offensive guru Kyle Shanahan must-do during the offseason. They can add another receiver to compliment Deebo Samuel, as well.

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