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    Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Unveil Presidental Ticket

    Hopeful Joe Biden and His running mate Kamala Harris make first outing as “Presidential Ticket”.

    The Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “Presidential Ticket” got its start in the former VP’s home state of Delaware.

    “My fellow Americans, let me introduce to you for the first time your next Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris.”. Pretty confident words coming from a man who just made his VP pick yesterday. However, that is exactly how Joe Biden began his introduction of Kamala Harris.

    Through his nomination of Harris, Biden is linking himself to the first black woman to be on a major presidential ticket. In what is a clear effort to solidify his relationship with the black community, Barark’s former second man is playing the race game.

    Joe Biden’s history and comments regarding race have been spread all across the internet ever since he got the democratic nomination. Although he was the VP of the first black president, Joe still has a history of forms of racism.

    Kamala Harris actually was the one who called Joe Biden out on his “Bussing” “to desegregate school”.

    However, the pair appear to have put that feud behind them, as both did their best to be friendly.

    Beau Biden was the bridge the two polictians used to wedge humanity into their situation.

    Both Biden and Harris made comment about how Trump is not fit to lead. Even more, Biden made a point to bring morality into the conversation touching at the heartstrings of fringe voters.

    Kamala was her poignant self as she made harsh comments about Trump and His administration. Throughout her speech, she made sure to not how 45 is not “Up for the Job”.

    With the Presidential Election coming in November the democratic party has a daunting task ahead. Even more, Coronavirus is changing how the democratic presidential ticket is able to campaign.

    Despite what some people feel, Donald Trump has a very good chance of being president this time next year. Uncle Joe is very similar to John Kerry in the fact that he is safe, but boring.

    What do you guys think about the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Presidential Ticket? Will to be enough to dethrone Donald Trump and Mike Pence?

    Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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