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    Israel Declares War on Hamas, Launches Airstrikes on Gaza

    Israel declares war on Hamas! Launching airstrikes against targets throughout the Gaza Strip. They also sent hundreds of troops into border communities that Hamas had seized.

    Israel Declares War on Hamas!

    An Israeli military spokesman said troops had regained “control” of villages near the Gaza border. The fighting on the wall continues to become more intense. But he warned that there could be militants hiding in homes and that the military would continue to search for them.

    Israel’s attack came a day after a massive Hamas raid on Israeli soldiers. Killing two and wounding more than a dozen others. The charge on a military base and nearby police station was an extraordinary blow to the security establishment. It brought to mind the 1973 Mideast war almost precisely 50 years ago.

    The surprise assault revived fears of a full-blown confrontation as Hamas prepared to fight. The raid followed two strikes against metropolitan Tel Aviv and a wave of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Palestinians condemned it, saying that Israel’s military response was unacceptable.

    During the day, Israel’s military moved four divisions of troops and tanks to the border with Gaza. They deployed 31 battalions in total, a military spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, told reporters. A significant question was whether Israel would launch a ground assault into Gaza, which has led to intensified casualties in the past.

    The military cut off electricity to Gaza on Saturday night. Throwing the enclave into darkness and complicating medical care. Israel supplies almost all the power to the territory.

    The spokesman did not rule out resuming deliveries to the area in the future. It was not immediately clear what effect the Israeli move would have on the tens of thousands of people living in shelters in the region. This sends the entire area into even more chaos since the horrific Shani Louk incident.


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