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    Ice Cube Lost Millions Because He Didn’t Get Vaccinated

    This week, Ice Cube was on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast. Gillie Da King and Wallo267 interviewed the legendary rap pioneer. During the interview, they asked Ice Cube about why he was dropped from the production of “Oh Hell No” a Sony comedy directed by Kitao Sakurai.

    Ice Cube was set to co-star with Jack Black, but his absence from the production was first reported back in October. Ice Cube now confirms that the reason why he lost out on the acting gig was due to him refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Ice Cube clarified that he simply was not offered the job anymore as a result of his choice.

    The one missed opportunity alone allegedly cost Ice Cub $9 million! As a result of his decisions, Ice Cube admits, “I don’t know how Hollywood feels about me right now.” Ice Cube’s relevancy may be in question when it comes to the mainstream media, but we here at Hype Fresh know about the worth of the legendary rapper’s legacy.

    Ice Cube was one of the very first to make gangster rap, and rap music in general, profitable and appealing to the masses. He deserves some respect for his entrepreneurial skills, at the very least. Hip-hop as a genre is based in honoring self-reliant gangsters like Ice Cube. And it might just be time to take that mainstream!


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