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    HyunA and Jeon Somi’s Cheeky Kiss Sparks Fan Reactions

    Love Island star Zachariah Noble has been rejected by Kady McDermott for trying to kiss her during Monday’s episode. Zach took the former main villa girl to the terrace in an attempt to get closer to her, but she was put off by his cheeky attempt at a kiss.

    HyunA Jeon Somi new video

    The moment was captured on camera and instantly went viral online, causing fans to have their own opinions about it. Many viewers were shocked by the kissing incident and felt that it was inappropriate. Others, however, were pleased that Kady was able to remain level-headed and didn’t let the situation escalate.
    Meanwhile, on Monday’s (26th June) episode of the ITV2 show, single boy Zach realized that he wasn’t getting any closer to Molly Marsh. She was paired up with Katie Hopkins and the pair looked smitten with each other. Meanwhile, Zach’s attempts to woo fellow housemate Catherine also failed.
    She decided to leave the main villa for a trip to Tenerife with her friend Elom. Despite the drama, the show went on to enjoy some good drama as the remaining couples started to come to terms with their relationships. The most popular couple in the main villa so far are Whitney and Lochan, who have been going strong since returning from the Beach House.
    While they were briefly separated after Movie Night, the pair managed to work through their problems. Montel’s public apology to Leah also seems to have worked as they are now both in the main villa together.
    Outside the main villa, there have been some interesting interactions between K-pop stars. Recently, HyunA and Jeon Somi shared a video of themselves hanging out and kissing on their social media. This caused their names to trend on Twitter, with many predicting that the two singers are planning a collaboration.
    Meanwhile, Jeon Somi has been busy promoting her latest album Game Plan and its music video Fast Forward. She has been interacting with her fans on social media and teasing them with a ‘hot secret’ through Bubble. Many fans are hoping that the singer will reveal her upcoming project soon.
    There is no doubt that this is not the band’s best album. However, it is a great reinvention and a reminder that they still have it in them to make some brilliant pop songs.
    It may not be as slick and polished as some of their previous work, but the tweeness and general tomfoolery adds a charm that works for them. Plus, it features a song about Adolf Hitler, so what’s not to like?

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