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    How to Step Up Your Interior Style

    Your interior style can be as good an indicator as any as to how you like to present yourself as an individual. If you want to have a home that is the envy of all your friends, you need to think about how you can step things up in terms of interior design. The easiest way to do so can be through targeting your senses. Taste can be a little bit difficult, but you should be able to make changes that target hearing, scent, sight, and touch.


    If you feel like things are a bit too noisy around your home, there are some things that you can do to take the noise down a notch. This will be a little more work than with some of the senses, but soundproofing your house can be a great move to make overall if there is a lot of exterior noise in your area.

    There are simple changes you can make such as tightening your floorboards if you have squeaky ones. You can also fix any holes in your walls with caulk. Pay close attention around your window frames and electrical sockets. If you have a little more of a budget, you can also look into replacing your doors and windows with ones that are fitted more closely and are a bit thicker, and will therefore stop as much sound getting into your home.


    Everyone wants a home that smells nice. However, we can become too used to the scent of our own homes, and this can mean that we end up being a little noseblind. Unless a very unpleasant scent suddenly enters our home, we are not going to notice it.

    To stay on top of this in general, you should try to regularly clean your home. This will help it to stay as fresh as possible, but there are some added extras you can add to it. You might be surprised at the difference fresh-cut flowers can make! They will really brighten up a room, and will also add extra scent to your rooms.

    You could also invest in scented candles, such as those made by Diptyque. The signature Diptyque candles could be an amazing addition to your home. They come in such a wide range of scents that you should have no trouble finding one to match your home. Burning it for a while and releasing the scent into the air could be the perfect touch to help improve the scent of your home.


    Working on the visual appeal of your home will be an ongoing project that might take a little research on your part. Taking a look at a few tips that interior designers use when putting together rooms will give you something of an indication as to what might look good in your home.

    For example, one of the easiest techniques that you might want to look into is creating a focal point within your room. The eye will be drawn there, and other aspects of the room should help guide you there. Having too many potential focal points will only confuse the eye and can make for a very busy room. What could serve as the perfect focal point within your home? It could be as simple as a piece of art on your wall, or even some furniture like a sofa or wardrobe.


    Many people love the feeling of certain textiles. Creating a comfortable home is easier than you might think, and it is all down to your use of textiles. Try to focus on the ones that appeal to you and hopefully your friends will also like them too.

    A great example is on your sofa. Whether you want a fabric or leather sofa is your own personal preference, but you need to make sure that the one you do choose is soft and comfortable. You can add to this using blankets and cushions, but the bare sofa should also be a welcoming place to lounge.

    Don’t forget to think about your floors too. Wood floors can often feel best underfoot. If you have particularly cold floors or an unforgiving carpet that you can’t change, you might want to look into rugs to help improve them. Your interior style needs to shine through.

    There are so many little ways that you can make improvements to your home, and they are all linked to your senses. Investing in Diptyque candles or the right blanket to throw over a sofa can make all the difference. If you feel like your home interior style could be stepped up, think about how your senses are currently touched in your various rooms. There might be just a few changes that you need to make here and there until you have made a significant improvement to your interior design!


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