How Did Troy Adashun Become One of the Top Trainers in the World?


Self-care is a vital part of survival today, and exercising is integral to self-care. Indeed, there is a well-known saying that states, “Being physically fit is crucial not only for a healthy body but also for fostering dynamic and creative intellectual engagement.”

But unfortunately, many people fail to adopt the proper workout routine for their body type, leading to ineffective results. As someone intimately aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy fitness routine, Troy Adashun stands at the helm of Superhuman Fitness – a brand grounded in bringing awareness to achieving a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and result-driven workout routines.


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Dubbed the “Superhuman,” Troy Adashun is a world-renowned athlete, serial entrepreneur, the winner of the Superhuman Games in 2022, and visionary leader impacting millions in the fitness industry. His fitness journey began while he was in high school when he started lifting weights along with his basketball training. The incorporated fitness routine significantly improved his performance and appearance. “I became addicted to the feeling of being able to improve your performance and how you looked in the mirror through fitness,” he shared.

Even when he went to college, Troy maintained a healthy lifestyle fueled by his determination to become the best version of himself. His struggles and triumphs made him realize that many people, especially athletes, are stuck with ineffective workout routines. As a result, he was driven to change and impact others, helping them achieve a healthier lifestyle. As a result, he created his brand SuperHuman Fitness to help people build their dream body faster and in a way that is more fun. “You got one life, so why not build your dream physique, reach your full potential, and feel Superhuman!”

As part of his brand to help millions, the fitness guru created his Youtube channel, where he shares result-driven workout routines targeting each muscle group, nutrition, and fitness lifestyle tips. In addition, his channel offers a great deal of helpful content for athletes and bodybuilders looking to grow and develop their expertise daily. As a result, the educative channel has garnered over 85 million lifetime views.

In addition to sharing educational fitness routines, Troy is committed to helping other athletes and professionals achieve their goals through training and athletics. He has worked with Charles Glass, known as the Godfather of Bodybuilding. Additionally, he has an impressive network, having trained with many A-list celebrities, including The Rock, Mr. Olympia winners, Milos Sarcev, former Mr. Universe winner, and several NFL players, including Marvin Hall Jr and Tony Fields II.

Troy’s latest feat as an industry expert is winning the Superhuman Games in 2022 at the age of 36 against much younger fitness influencers. In an interview, he shared: “I’m most proud that I’ve stayed consistent on my fitness journey for 20 years. So many expect overnight results, but consistency is where the magic happens.”

More than a fitness expert, Troy Adashun is also the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Alpha Lion, a worldwide active nutrition company that was on the INC 5000 at 688. With the mantra “Super Human,” Alpha Lion supplements have helped many athletes make huge strides and growth in their routine due to their products.

With his continuous drive to impact the world through fitness and nutrition, Troy Adashun is an unstoppable force as he guides athletes and bodybuilders toward lifestyle changes that can promote overall well-being. The power player wants to cement his legacy and help millions of people achieve their goals in the years to come.

“I want to change the fitness industry on Youtube and make videos nobody has ever thought of and inspire millions more on their fitness journey,” said Troy.

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