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    Milwakuee Rapper Huey V Puts On For His City In “So Below” EP

    Growing up in a poor neighborhood can be difficult for anybody. Milwaukee rapper Huey V has seen plenty in his time, some might even say too much. At age 14, he witnessed his friend’s death on a Memorial Day weekend and watched others turn to gun violence. Rather than giving into his anger and frustrations, Huey V turned to music as his outlet. In the end, he decided to pursue his rap career.

    He credits much of his rap skills to his idols Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. Though, Tupac had the biggest impact on the Milwaukee native, as he often relates to the legend’s earlier childhood and life decisions. He’s known since 16 that he wanted to become a rapper. Though, the hardest decision came when he had to leave home for Miami to further pursue his rap career. At that time, Huey V signed his first record deal with Warehouse Music Group . Since then, he’s been on a mission to not only become one of the biggest rap stars in the U.S, but to represent his city. “I can re-direct the attention back to my city,” Huey V once told Flaunt . “Give another kid out of Milwaukee an opportunity to change his life and his family’s life.”

    It’ll be soon before the young star achieves that honorable dream. So far, he’s received co-signs from Source Magazine, Revolt TV, Rolling Out Magazine, Rap Radar and countless others. He’s even toured with rap heavyweights like Memphis Bleek and Freeway. A dditionally, many have projected V’s newest EP “So Below” to amass over 2 million views. That’s huge props for the rising star.

    Huey V Differs From All The Rest

    The new EP comes as the follow-up to his debut project “As Above.” Furthermore, “So Below” continues Huey V’s story as the boy from Milwaukee destined to become a rap star. A direct flipside to his debut record,  the EP finds the rapper in a more upbeat mood and constantly putting out bangers. Make no mistake though, Huey V hasn’t forgotten where he comes from. Giving JLO’s “Jenny from the Block” a run for her money, the Milwaukee artist still maintains that honest, heartfelt and vivid storytelling fans fell in love with in his debut record.

    In a lane all his own, Huey V has established himself as a pretty big deal in the rap community. What sets him apart from other artists is his vulnerability and raw honesty about life growing up in the bad part of town. While his newly released EP So Below offers instant hit-worthy tracks such as “4EIGHTY8,” others touch on serious topics, such as his tough childhood. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Huey V details having to grow up in a town where everyone around him either dies or becomes the executor. The track “Love Is Overrated” hones in on this particular aspect of V’s life as the rapper expresses his frustrations over losing his friends to death or crime. No matter how much fame he’s acquired through his come up, Huey V remains authentic in his artistry.

    Keep Up With Huey V’s Come Up

    Huey V
    via KAZI Magazine

    Described as a great storyteller and lyricist, Milwaukee rapper Huey V has everything and more in an artist. The So Above artist has an infectious voice and lyricism that continues to evolve with each new track. Like any new artist, Huey V works on finding new ways to tell his story and represent his hometown. His come up will surely be worth the watch. Listen to Huey V’s newest EP So Below and more of his music.


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