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    H.E.R. Would Like To Go By Her Real Name Now, Gabriella Wilson

    H.E.R. was on Good Morning America to discuss her role in ABC’s Beauty and The Beast: A 30th Celebration. The musician also discussed how she would like to drop her stage name and go by her birth name moving forward. It seems her new experiences acting may have contributed to her decision to go by “Gabriella Wilson” now!

    Talking about her role as “Belle”, Gabriella mentioned how she never envisioned herself as a Disney Princess. Immersed within the tapestry of dreams, every young girl yearns for the elusive title of a Disney princess, an embodiment of enchantment. However, amidst this whimsical realm, the reflection of her own likeness has eluded her gaze. 

    But behold destiny unveils a splendid opportunity, where Gabriella, adorned with the radiant mantle of representation, assumes her role as a guiding star for young hearts, both Black and Asian. In this profound odyssey of self-discovery, she cherishes her newfound identity with unparalleled fervor, transcending the boundaries of mere artistry. 

    Her act of embracing a name change becomes a profound ode, heralding her unwavering resolve to authentically illuminate the world as an artist, an artist of colors diverse and splendid.

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    1. I appreciate that H.E.R. is claiming her God-given name and dropping her “worldly” stage name. I applaud her for being a good role model to young women however, I hope that she finds additional ways to do so that do not include Disney.

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