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    Harris Takes His Stance, Ready For a Bright 2023

    We recently sat down with singer-songwriter Harris Breyfogle to discuss his musical plan for the rest of this year. He’s been off to an ambitious start this season rebranding, showcasing new music on social media, and gearing up for an exciting 2023.

    Like many musicians, Harris Breyfogle comes from humble beginnings. No one handed him his success; he worked for it. But, as music is a passion and calling, he had significant motivation on his journey to becoming a household name. He didn’t choose this career path, it chose him, and Harris realizes there is no other option than to make a living as a musician.

    Harris Breyfogle has not lost his sense of self on this journey. If anything, music has helped keep him in check with himself. His latest discography and new musical direction is a clear reflection of where is is on his creative journey.  He admits in lifes’ most challenging moments , he’s been able to draw the reflective inspiration behind some of his more vulnerable songwriting endeavours. All in all, Harris Breyfogle is the same good guy he has always been, but cementing a stance within the music world he loves has made him a better person, and has taught him what it means to persevere in the midst of a competitive industry.

    Harris Breyfogle portrays himself as utterly human. He will not shy away from the times he he’s procrastinated or battled creative stumps to keep working on a new song. While musicians can be regarded as arrogant, Breyfogle is anything but. He has genuine affection for his friends and family, his craft, and growing as a musician. He’s committed to growing his online presence this year and expanding his discography. It’s undeniable that Harris Breyfogle is a force to be reckoned with and one to keep on your radar.

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