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    Gabrielle Union Teases D Wade With 2 Christmas Trees

    Gabrielle Union Overjoyed about The Holidays 

    This holiday season is extra special for the Wades. Especially since they get to be home for the holidays. Union decided two Christmas trees was the way to go. 

    She acknowledges that their family generally has to spend the holidays on the road, but this holiday season is a little different. 

    The actress exclaims, “So, we might have had Thanksgiving in a hotel room in Philly or Christmas in an arena somewhere. Or Christmas on the 18th or the 27th. So, it’s always been a lack of consistency, so this year is like, okay, one more for the record book.”

    ‘Tis The Season to Be Grateful 

    The coronavirus pandemic has families holding their family members a little tighter this Christmas. Whether people can see their loved ones physically or not, it means a lot that people are taking the necessary precautions to maintain their good health. No matter how healthy a lot of people were, many people got sick and or died from it. As a result some families lost multiple family members within a year’s time. 

    “Just knowing that people are going to be alive. You know, reading about somebody like [NBA star] Karl-Anthony Towns losing seven members of his family including his mom,” she recalled. “That’s what I’m looking forward to—people being safe and healthy. There’s not really a destination that I’m thinking of, it’s more like outside…just outside. Like not having that feeling of panic. Just a life knowing that people are safe and healthy and we’ve all done whatever was necessary to make that happen.”

    Her Husband D Wade is Not a Fan 

    D Wade has made it clear that he can do without all the holiday hoopla. Wade shares that “is not a fan of Santa. He’s like, ‘I bought that.’ There’s no Santa stuff,” she said. “Can you imagine Kaav’s face sitting on some stranger’s lap? Now that I’m saying that out loud, I’m like, yeah after talking about stranger danger, you’re going to go beg some stranger for things and sit on their lap and present, like, a handwritten letter to a strange man while you sit on their lap and beg for things? No. I can’t imagine my husband would be okay with that.”

    Hopefully pictures surface of D Wade’s reaction to the two-tree Christmas special at the Wade residence. 

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