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    From Tupac to Justin Timberlake: Every Celebrity Who Has Received Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Chain

    Snoop Dogg continues to give his signature Death Row chain to fellow celebrities, from Tupac to Justin Timberlake. The American rapper is a media mogul, entrepreneur and icon. He is a singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, DJ and a serial investor in Web 3.0, tech, entertainment, lifestyle, global consumer brands, food/beverage and cannabis industries.
    In the past, Snoop has gifted various celebrities with hefty Death Row chains to welcome them into the family. The rapper recently did so with Ed Sheeran, who was welcomed into the record label’s fold by Snoop at a recent show in Melbourne.

    Every Celebrity Who Has Received Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Chain

    Sheeran’s pop-folk, acoustic love songs are not exactly gangster rap, but he seems happy enough with the gift nonetheless. Snoop is currently on a seven-show Australian tour that kicked off in Sydney on Sunday night and heads to Brisbane on Tuesday. He also performed at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on Monday night.
    Snoop has been doing some promotional work for his new Netflix film Day Shift, which stars Jamie Foxx and Karla Souza among others. He was also recently on the “Undisputed” podcast with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. While the talk show hosts discussed a range of topics, they couldn’t help but notice that the Doggfather broke out some of his iced-out Death Row chains to give away to viewers.

    From Tupac to Justin Timberlake

    Stephen Curry was one of the lucky recipients to receive a chain from the former West Coast hip-hop mogul. The NBA superstar is a fan of the rapper and was seen wearing a ‘Snoop Dogg’ t-shirt when the team defeated the Boston Celtics in 2022.
    Snoop also held up to his promise of delivering an iced-out chain to ex-Giants QB Eli Manning for his birthday this month. Eli tried to put it on over his head and struggled, joking that he’s never had a chain like this before. Watch the clip below. The chain features 250 grams of gold and over 13 carats of natural VS diamonds. The pendant itself is a dazzling 2.4 inches wide and will set you back more than $9,600. To purchase one, visit the official website here.

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