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    Former T-ara Member Ahreum Stands by Fiancé Amid Controversy

    Ahreum, a former member of T-ara, recently found herself in the limelight following her announcement of both a divorce and a new engagement.

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    Despite swirling rumors about her fiancé’s past, including allegations of sexual assault and fraud, Ahreum remains steadfast in her love and support for him.

    Christmas Day Revelations

    On Christmas Day, Ahreum shared several pictures of her fiancé, affectionately referred to as “Hoonie oppa”.

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    A post shared by 𝒜 𝑅𝑒𝓊𝓂 𝐿𝑒𝑒 이아름 (@areum0ju)

    She revealed that while the legal proceedings against those spreading harmful comments are ongoing, her fiancé continues to struggle with the psychological effects of these comments and a back injury. Yet, his mere presence gives her strength.

    Expressions of Love and Support

    She went on to express her admiration for her fiancé’s new haircut, saying, “My oppa looks even more handsome after cutting his hair

    Let’s not suffer anymore but let’s love each other and stay strong until death.” Ahreum also wished her fans a warm Christmas and encouraged them to spend the rest of the year with their loved ones, expressing her gratitude for their support.

    A New Chapter

    Earlier in the month, Ahreum shared that she was divorcing her husband of four years and had found new love. She expressed excitement about starting a new chapter in her life with her new partner.

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    A post shared by 𝒜 𝑅𝑒𝓊𝓂 𝐿𝑒𝑒 이아름 (@areum0ju)

    Addressing the Rumors

    However, shortly after her announcement, the internet was abuzz with claims that Ahreum’s new partner had a criminal history involving sexual assault and fraud.

    Ahreum promptly dismissed these rumors and declared her intention to take legal action against those spreading false information and harmful comments.

    Instagram Announcements

    On December 10, the former T-ara member took to her personal Instagram to share the news that she is currently in the midst of a divorce lawsuit while simultaneously revealing her plans to remarry.

    Finding Happiness With a photo, Ahreum introduced her future husband by expressing, “This person has shown me the essence of happiness during times when life left me weary, and perhaps they endured even more than I did.

    Even in situations where they could face harm, they were the only one who willingly stood by my side when I faced adversity.”

    Legal Disputes and Future Hopes

    Ahreum disclosed, “I am still in the midst of a legal dispute. Even before meeting my current partner, I had endured a great deal of pain.

    Although there is substantial evidence that I cannot divulge, I will refrain from doing so out of respect for the fact. that he is the father of my children.

    Despite his use of derogatory words towards the end, I believe everything will be fine as long as I remain confident.”

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