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    Florida Man Arrested for Trying to Cross Atlantic in Human-Sized Hamster Wheel

    A Florida Man Tried to Roll to London in a Big Wheel, but Got in Trouble

    Imagine a big wheel like the ones you see at a playground. Now, imagine a grown-up named Reza Baluchi trying to roll in that giant wheel all the way from Florida to London. That’s very, very far, and it’s not something people usually do!

    But here’s where the story gets interesting. Reza’s wheel had big, bouncy balloons and paddle things. It looked like something from a fun fair, not a boat! He wanted to cross the big ocean in this funny wheel.

    However, some people called the Coast Guard saw him when he was 70 miles away from an island called Tybee in Georgia. They didn’t think what Reza was doing was safe. They thought his wheel was not a good way to travel on the ocean.

    So, they stopped him and told him he couldn’t go any farther. They even got him in trouble with the law, and now he has to answer to the authorities.

    Reza’s big adventure was exciting, but it also made some people worried because they wanted him to be safe. Maybe one day, he’ll find a safer way to do his big trip.

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