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    Elon Musk May Have Banned Himself From Twitter

    Billionaire space enthusiast Elon Musk has been in the headlines for quite a while. Whether it’s due to his interesting work requirements for his employees, or his most recent escapades with his newly acquired Twitter platform, he can’t seem to get away from the spotlight. One of the first things he did on twitter was unban multiple accounts that belonged to controversial celebrities including Donald Trump and Andrew Tate. This further solidified his original objective of having the platform stand for freedom of speech. He then contradicted that notion almost immediately when he banned Alex Jones and Kanye West. Kanye’s ban came promptly after he tweeted a picture of the star of David encompassing a swastika, and Jones’ when he voiced his theory about the Sandy Hook school shooting. Elon seemingly took particular offense to Jones’ tweet because it reminded him of his own children, one of which died in his arms. Musk’s sentiment seemed questionable to many as his stance on freedom of speech was quickly overruled by his own arbitrary judgment. Some people didn’t even believe his sentiment at all, calling him a liar for what he said about his child.

    Every decision made by Musk has displeased many, possibly even most, twitter users

    Another one of Musk’s administrative decisions involved putting a price tag on Twitter’s once esteemed blue checkmarks. Twitter blue is a monthly subscription that not only devalues blue checkmarks, but also comes across as a heartless cash grab to most users. It’s no surprise that no one was happy with the idea of paying 8-11 US dollars per month so they could edit their tweets.

    He took to the polls! Elon Musk Twitter poll backfires

    On Sunday, Musk started a poll on his Twitter account asking if he should step down as CEO of Twitter, and stated he would be willing to abide by the results. The poll finished with the majority (57%) in favor of him resigning. Now it will be interesting to see if he follows through on his word, blames bots for rigging the polls, or creates a new creative way to make the headlines again. Stay tuned for the latest Elon Musk news!

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