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    Dwight Howard Says Goodbye to Philly & Hello Lakers

    Unfortunately, Dwight Howard says goodbye to Philly as he signs with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he kept good spirits and issued a letter via his socials to both the city of Philadelphia and the fans that inhabit it.

    Dwight Howard Says Goodbye

    “Philly, Philly, Philly. This picture sums up my time in Philly perfectly. It was filled with love and joy. I’m sad that our time together was brief, but I genuinely cherished every single moment.”

    Then, Howard elaborated on why he loved his time with Philly so much.

    “I’m going to miss Philly, the city, and all the fans. You all showed me so much love, and I truly appreciate it. I love you all. Thank you, Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.”

    Frosty Instigator and No chill

    Dwight Howard says goodbye to Philly but thinks back fondly over pettiness with Frosty chants and we love him for it.

    Frosty Instigator
    Frosty Time with Dwight Howard Philadelphia 76ers Twitter via Howard’s Instagram

    “I’m gonna miss the chants and the crowd. 😭😭 To my teammates, we fell short this year, but we had an incredible season. 🏆🏆🏆”

    Advice for his struggling teammate, Simmons

    “Thank you to the entire 76er staff. We will always be family. And Ben. Bend ya kneeeesss 😂😂😂😂. #iwantmyparadedammit”

    Dwight Howard says goodbye Via Philadelphia 76ers Twitter
    Dwight Howard says goodbye Via Philadelphia 76ers Twitter

    Then, he wrote to the fans, who are understandably still bitter over the lack of Ben’s performance during the playoffs,

    “If you want this guy to achieve greatness, if you expect more from him, just show him love and positivity. He has the potential to be great, and I believe this experience will motivate him. Instead of getting mad, send him some positive vibes.”

    Then, he closes with

    “That man is 24 years old.”

    Therefore, reminding everyone that he’s still young and has room to grow and he also has to find that work life balance. Although, Simmons time with us is uncertain at the moment, one can only hope that it was indeed his wake-up moment. Only, time will tell, if he grows into the star player everyone sees in his potential.

    Reunited with Lakers

    Dwight Howard Says Goodbye to Philly and is headed to Los Angeles to reunite with the Lakers. Now, this will be Howard’s third time around with the Lakers. Yet, he’s demanding another ring.

    Regarding the deal, center Dwight Howard agreed to join the team, reuniting on a one-year deal basis.  Furthermore, Howard’s deal is for the veteran’s minimum exception. And thus, it cannot be signed until this  Friday at 12:01 p.m. PDT. But until then, teams and players are only allowed to agree to terms of the deal not sign the deal itself. Well, it is practically a done deal. But, Understandably, both are willing to have another go around. Now, we wish him well but not against our beloved Sixers. Finally, we say goodbye to Dwight Howard.

    Reunited with Lakers
    Via LA Lakers Twitter Dwight Howard Press Release

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