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    Don’t Go Crazy In Lockdown. Do These Things Instead.

        If you’re going crazy in lockdown, or if your favorite haunts haven’t reopened yet, never fear! There are options! Did you know you can learn ballet, learn to paint, or even learn Irish dance from home? 

    • Learn ballet!

    The Washington Ballet offers classes you can take from home! They have both on-demand and live classes. There are also free beginner ballet classes available on YouTube!

    • Learn to paint!

    Workhouse Center for the Arts offers online classes! 

    Check out Aistear Dance!

    • Learn to cook!

    Gordon Ramsay offers a MasterClass

    • Learn to code!

    Did you know there are actually apps that will teach you how to code? You can check out Codecademy, or listen to the podcast Codebreaker. You can also visit CodePen and GitHub for free coding locations!

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