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    Doja Cat Unleashes Her Demons in New Video with Christina Ricci

    Doja Cat and Christina Ricci Make a Spooky Video Together

    Doja Cat and a famous actress named Christina Ricci joined hands to make a scary video called “Demons.” In this video, Doja Cat dressed up like a spooky ghost, and they went on an adventure in a haunted house they just bought. It’s different from the happy songs Doja Cat used to sing because now she’s rapping and being all spooky.

    Doja Cat is super excited about rapping again, and this video is like a sneak peek of her new songs. She’s releasing a whole bunch of them on September 22 in an album called “Scarlet.”

    But that’s not all! Doja Cat is going on a big tour called “The Scarlet Tour” and even headlining “The Victoria’s Secret World Tour.” It’s going to be lots of fun!

    So, Doja Cat and Christina Ricci made a video that’s a little scary, but also very cool. And Doja Cat is going to sing more spooky songs and go on exciting tours soon. It’s going to be a great time for her fans!

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