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    Doja Cat Posts Update After Breast Reduction and Liposuction Surgery

    Rapper and singer Doja cat has seemingly confirmed to her fans that she recently underwent breast reduction and liposuction surgery. The 27-year-old took to Twitter, to update her fans and share some personal updates and answer some questions from her followers.

    Is Doja Cat ok?

    After announcing her plans for cosmetic surgery last year, Doja revealed she had undergone the procedure and was now on her fourth recovery day. She then shared some details about her new look, revealing that her bra size was 32C and her breasts were now smaller than they’ve ever been before.

    In addition to her cosmetic surgery news, Doja also penned another witty Twitter post in response to one of her many fans who were asking about her recent changes. It’s certainly a sign that she’s making an effort to keep her fans engaged.

    The first of the many questions posed by her followers was about the “magic” she’s been displaying since she had the surgery. The star reassured her followers that she was “healing really fast” and that the surgery had left her with a more youthful glow.

    Doja Cat in recovery!

    Her next tweet featured a link to a photo of the singer’s “new” chest area, with a caption that said it was the “miracle of the month.” It was followed by a more comprehensive explanation about her breast augmentation. She even took the time to explain what a “lipo” actually is, after someone jumped to the conclusion that it was an invasive and albeit a bit expensive procedure that removes fat from specific areas of the body.

    Doja’s latest Twitter update follows a similarly entertaining moment from February, when the singer trolled the illuminati by releasing a pair of thirst traps about her own medical procedures. The most impressive of the lot was the one involving the tiniest possible heartbeat.

    She also made mention of a number of other cosmetic procedures, including her bra and shoe choices, as well as her upcoming tour. In all, Doja’s latest update seems to be her most thorough and entertaining post yet.

    The best part is that she’s taken the time to educate her fans about her most recent surgeries, which makes for a great story and keeps her dedicated fans engaged.

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