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    DJ Akademiks Rants About Meek Mill’s View On War

    Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

    Meek Mill has always been a man of the people. So it was no surprise that he would show empathy for the U.S. Soldiers that were sent overseas, due to the conflict with Iran.

    Meek tweeted earlier this week “One time for the soldiers that really gotta go to war and put ya life on the line …. we from the trenches so we know the feeling of having ya life on the line 24/7 not knowing if you gone make it home!”

    As sentimental as this message was, there are always people that are going to find fault in everything you do. Even if you do have good intentions someone will find something bad to point out. DJ Akademiks, known for being on Complex’s “Everyday Struggle”, called Meek Mill a hypocrite for comparing living in the streets to fighting in a war.

    DJ Akademiks Rants About-1

    Three Sides To The Story

    In a youtube rant earlier this week, DJ Akademiks said “So you’re telling me that somebody who’s in the marines, who could get targeted right now with a C4, a landmine (or) hit by some type of missile – they’re basically fighting for people who’ve never even seen the horrors of war – they are having the same experiences like Meek Mill?” he said. “In the ‘trenches?’ Bro, come on man.”

    Just like in war, a lot of people in the streets did not choose for this to happen. It is something that most people have to do in order to survive. Just like how soldiers have to go overseas not knowing if they’ll return, some people in the hood have to risk their lives just to go to school. But at the same time, Neither of these men have been in the military or had to fight in a war, so they don’t know the all of ins and outs of what actually goes on.

    What do you guys think about all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Feel free to tell us what future content you would like to see us cover. And as always, have a good day.

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