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    Disturbing Discovery: Atlanta Child Uncovered with Stockpile of Guns

    A shocking incident unfolded involving a child with gun in Atlanta. Law enforcement authorities swiftly apprehended a 15-year-old allegedly involved in an armed robbery. What further intensified the gravity of the situation was the discovery of a significant arsenal of firearms during a search of the teenager’s room.

    They were taken aback by how many guns they found in this child’s cot in southwest Atlanta.

    The Discovery

    The shocking part is that the adolescent was hiding in his bed when the police made the arrest, with the covers pulled up over his head.

    Can you picture it?

    It is like a scene from a movie. Additionally, the child with gun in Atlanta was hiding an AR handgun under the covers that were unlocked, loaded, and prepared to fire!

    Right after they kept searching, the authorities found two more firearms.

    One was taken during the robbery they were looking into in April and lying on the bed. They started finding guns, but most of them were stolen.

    They were able to take over ten firearms in total, as well as extra magazines, double-drum magazines for rifles, and even a handgun that had been modified so that it could fire continuously like it was fully automatic.

    In the series of detentions, the authorities apprehended a 15-year-old individual, marking the second occurrence. Preceding this incident, they had already taken into custody a 14-year-old person.

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