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    Did Antonio Brown Ruin His Chances In The NFL Going Forward?

    Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown has gone a bit off the rails after his incident in MetLife Stadium. However, Brown may have just signed his fate with his latest spiraling incidents. Shortly after the MetLife meltdown took place, Brown went spoke on a podcast where he was asked about the situation. He began belittling the people who believed in him and questioned many of his relationships. Prior to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, not many teams were willing to take a chance on him due to his on-field and off-field antics. Brown has a very sad story in the NFL, simply because he could have been one of the greatest wide receivers to ever lace up cleats.

    Brown’s explanation of the MetLife incident

    Brown emphasized that Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians attempted to force him to play through an injury, per sources. Brown quickly provided text receipts between the two. The messages confirm he was in fact banged up and not healthy out there playing. Yet, many were skeptical due to sources stating Brown was infuriated by the fact that he wasn’t given an opportunity to reach his incentives. Whichever rumor one believes in, the fact still remains going into the playoffs no team in the NFL would want to deal with drama.

    Brown has proven to be an asset on any team he suits up for. The constant reminder of him being prone not blowing up unannounced or at any time is too unpredictable. Many teams see unpredictability as a liability going forward because of irrational and impulsive behavior.

    Many hope to see Brown going forward. Understanding, he has so much production on the field left and the fact several teams can use him. However, his days in the NFL may have officially come to an end.

    Did Antonio Brown burn too many bridges to repair?

    A longtime friend of Brown’s, Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady, stuck his neck out for AB several times and yet was repaid with slander. In New England, Brady supported Brown’s arrival after he was let go by the Las Vegas Raiders. He then played for one game and was released by the Patriots when sources came about Brown’s allegations. Once he was released, he was forced to sit out for the remainder of the year. The following season Brady signed with the Buccaneers as a free agent. Halfway through the 2020 season, Brady vouched publicly to Arians that Brown can be an asset on the team. Later, he was signed and contributed greatly to the first Super Bowl win in Buccaneer history.

    Many hope to see Brown going forward, understanding he has so much production on the field left and the fact several teams can benefit from his contributions. However, his days in the NFL may have officially come to an end.


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