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    Derrick T. Lewis and Angie Starrz deliver an international radio anthem with ‘Es Pasion’

    Mixing ingredients of greatness delivers an epic outcome.

    A perfect alignment exists between Derrick T. Lewis and Angie Starrz. Angie Starrz and Derrick T. Lewis form a musical alliance that is unparalleled in terms of vocal tones, delivery, and emotional intelligence. Derrick and Angie create an unforgettable audio experience on the track “Es Pasion” by combining multiple languages and music genres over an infectious and calculated sexy beat production.

    The angelic southern vocal tones of Derrick perfectly accentuate the lyrical content of ‘Es Pasion.’ His ability to deliver subtle R&B overtones infused with his trademark adlibs elevates the track. ‘Es Pasion’ exhibits masterful energy and vocal synchronization between Derrick and Angie. Because of Derrick’s psychological approach to music, he is able to create a signature sound for his global fanbase.

    Originally from New York, Angie Starrz is a natural-born Hip-Hop storyteller. A sultry and hypnotic rap flow by Angie Starrz creates an epic 90s-era style fusion on ‘Es Pasion.’ Angie’s multi-language skill set allows her to present rap verses differently from most MCs lacking in this aspect. ‘Es Pasion’ is transformed by Angie Starrz into a multi-genre sonic masterpiece that is sure to please. The confidence of Angie Starrz elevates ‘Es Pasion’ to mainstream status. Watch the visual masterpiece of ‘Es Pasion’ here.

    Jonathan P-Wright is a Senior Writer for HYPEFRESH and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS.


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