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    Christian Keyes Says He’s Tired Of Gay Men Asking for Dick!

    Christian Keyes says that he is tired of gay men sliding into his DM’s, wanting the dick.

    Christian Keyes is best-known starring roles in movies like Diary of A Mad Black Woman and The Man in 3B. Well, apparently, his work has gotten him a few admirers, particularly gay men. Keyes says that he has nothing against gay men but he is tired of having them slide into his DM’s.

    His response to gay men showing interest in him is mixed. On one hand, he should not have to be harassed by anyone. No matter who does it, harassment is never okay. On the other hand, Keyes seems to have a certain disdain for gay men finding him attractive. It seems like he is disgusted by the idea of having sex with a man. So, he might say that he is down with the gay community, but it seems like he is not down with homosexuality. It looks like he has some homophobia that he needs to deal with.

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    1. This fool is happy to play GAY4PAY but making a mess because he’s getting some gay attention? Boy, if you are repulsed by gay men then don’t act one on TV.

    2. Keyes is a petty homophobe who has no business making money off playing a gay role since he finds the attention of gay men so repulsive. I hope the studio replaces him because I won’t be watching it or anything else with him.

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