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    Charleston White Goes to War With J. Prince

    After rumors began circulating that a comedy show of his was cancelled over the weekend, YouTube star and former gang member Charleston White has posted a number of increasingly aggressive rants aimed at J. Prince, his sons and their affiliates.

    The newest video features White brandishing a variety of firearms, while stating that he is prepared to “go to war” with anyone, including law enforcement. It’s a clever and scary video that has garnered plenty of attention.

    This isn’t the first time that White has made controversial statements and claims on social media. In fact, he’s become well known for his attacks on other hip-hop artists and violence in the community.

    A video circulating online allegedly shows White brandishing a rifle and declaring that he is ready to “go to war” with anyone, especially law enforcement. The spooky video has been reposted by several Twitter users, and is a great example of the way White often speaks about his beliefs and values on social media.

    He also posts a series of videos on his YouTube channel that feature him delivering motivational speeches and calling out violent gang members. While the videos may be of interest to a small number of people, their content and tone is not always safe for work or home.

    The most notable thing about this video is that it’s not only a well-made and entertaining piece of content, but it also manages to highlight a problem that many teens in the United States face – gang violence. In the video, Charleston White discusses the dangers of gangs and how they can impact young people’s lives. He also makes the case that if more people are educated about gangs and the consequences of their actions, fewer teens will be drawn into the criminal justice system.

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