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    CEO Trayle Comes Correct On His New Single “July The Fourth”

    Independence Day is supposed to be a day filled with fun. It’s usually spent grilling, basking in the sun, or relaxing with family. American families have loved and celebrated this patriotic holiday for decades. Not the same case, when it comes to Atlanta rapper CEO Trayle, who doesn’t feel the same way as everyone else and lets you know why in his new single.

    About ten years ago, on that same exact date, two men attempted to invade Trayle’s house and take his life away by shooting him seven times. Ever since that fateful day, he has been very particular about who he lets inside of his social circle, staying low key as a CEO should.

    Moving Different

    In remembrance of the day that he almost lost everything, Trayle celebrates his life with a new song ironically titled “July The Fourth”. Even though that tragic accident put his life on pause, he has been living life to the fullest. He has been appreciating every second on earth since then. Most importantly, he used the experience as fuel to push him harder in music.

    Trayle has already been considered one of Atlanta’s promising young talents, especially when his nonchalant single “OK Cool” began to blow up. It blew up so much to the point that one of Atlanta’s biggest acts, Gunna, caught wind of it, and added his personal touch to the remix.

    Living Carefree

    No feature help is needed for Trayle to get into his lyrical bag and have a good time. The video compliments the celebratory theme of the song very well. They show us clips of him having a blast bonding with his son and viewing fireworks. Realizing he has more important things to live for, he closes the song with a reminder to himself, “and I’m not going for that shit twice”.

    This song is the perfect cookout song. Trayle reminds us that we all have to drive through difficult roads to get to a beautiful destination.

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