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    Capone, The Gangster is coming to Theaters

    The Big Fella!

    The Gangster is coming to Theaters

    If you know anything about gangsters, then you know that Al Capone is one of the biggest in United States history. He committed countless crimes and was responsible for the St.Valentine’s Day Massacre. So, why wouldn’t he get a movie? Al Capone will be played by Tom Hardy. However, this won’t be an in his prime gangster, no. He will be old and sickly, living in Florida. Check out the trailer below. The trailer shows plenty of action and some crazy scenes. I didn’t see any flashbacks of any old Capone, but I’m sure there will be some moments that will cause Al to think of his younger times. Capone is said to be released to VOD because of COVID-19, but still is planing a theatrical release when theaters open back up. Catch Capone at home when it releases on May 12, 2020, and in Russia on June 11, 2020. No release date for a theater release yet.

    Tell us what you think about the trailer below. Also, remember to check out Hypefresh for all your entertainment news.

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