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    Canada Becomes The Second Nation To Legalize Marijuana

    Today is a good day for the smokers of Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has finally delivered on one of his major campaign promises from a few years ago. Canada today creates history as it becomes one of two nations that has a nationwide legalization of marijuana, with the other one being Uruguay.  At midnight, hundreds of people marched down to St. Johns, a well-known marijuana producer in the country, to make their first legal sales of weed.

    Canada becomes the second-1

    Photos by National Post 

    Ian Power, one of the first buyers of legal weed in Canada remarked: “I’m having a plaque made with the date and time and everything. This is never actually going to be smoked. I’m going to keep it forever.”

    Canada becomes the second-2

    Photos by Rolling Stone 
    Weed can now be bought over the counter, like at a pack of gum, through the country, from the government and private stores. It can be bought online throughout Canada. Adults are also able to grow at least four weed plants. Weed related products like edibles and extracts are still not available for legal usage but there are plans to change that, later this year.

    With the legalization of weed in Canada, there are now new restrictions around it. You must be at least a legal adult to buy weed. 30 grams is the legal limit which a person can carry. You also cannot travel out of the country with the substance. These restrictions may be vary depending on which district you’re in.

    Weed offenders who were caught with 30 grams or less on them are expected to be pardoned. The only offenders who will not have their records clean are the ones who were charged with intent to sell.

    The legalization of marijuana is expected to create a billion dollar industry in Canada, with more growth coming as the market expands.

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