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    Cam Izaiah: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From L.O.U.D Press Junket

    Cam Izaiah is a Houstonian born and raised in Missouri City, Texas. He started his musical journey as a member of the young hip-hop group K.O.S(Kings of Sound). The group quickly became known for their high energy performances and fresh sound. Now a seasoned performer and solo artist, Cam Izaiah plans to inject more of his own personal perspective into his music, while still remaining a true entertainer. Izaiah is a unique individual that is born out of being a student of music and hip-hop, familial music legacy, as well as the possession of fresh eyes and ears that doesn’t need to put music in boxes.

    There is still so much to come from Cam Izaiah as this young and talented artist has only just begun.

    HypeFresh Highlights Cam Izaiah

    Who is Cam Izaiah?

    Cam Izaiah: An eighteen year old who attends Prairie View out of Houston, Texas who does not care what anyone says about his music. He does what he wants, he’s a rock star.

    What kind of music do you make?

    CI: Hyper-Pop music like Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi type music. Trippie Redd is like my favorite artist, definitely a big inspiration.

    Do you want to remain and Indie artist or do you want to migrate into the industry?

    CI: I want to enter the industry, I’ve been Indie for about four or five years now. I’m ready to move over to the industry.

    If you could pick a label, who would you pick?

    CI: I feel like as like as I make a hit song, it really doesn’t matter.

    Do you have any projects out right now?

    CI: I just started being solo three weeks ago. So,  I’ve got one song out, it’s called “Go Up”, I dropped it Oct. 29. The video was shot the same day.

    Whats your Instagram?

    You guys can follow me at @_camizaiah_

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