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    British-Indian Singer Nikita Bassi Talks Her Creative Process

    Introducing Nikita Bassi

    Nikita Bassi is a singer, songwriter, bedroom producer, nanny and canine lover from the West Midlands, currently living in London.

    What inspired “Find Out’?

    The London-based songwriter details that “Find Out” was based on some friends’ relationships at the time. They were trying to leave situations but finding it tough. We’ve all been there.

    Nikita Bassi recorded the rough version of “Find Out” in her living room in Chiswick, West London. Then she took it to Cores where her friend and producer extraordinaire mixed and mastered the track in his home studio in Clapton, North London. Interestingly enough, Nikita Bassi has chosen not to create any visuals for any of her songs because she doesn’t think its necessary.

    As a young girl, Bassi was classically trained as a kid in piano and singing. Then she moved into more contemporary pop. She later studied music at university, then just started working and releasing music alongside her prolific instrumentation more recently. I learned how to produce music to a basic standard, at least well enough to throw some demos together from home.

    Nikita’s Chapters

    Nikita’s Chapters

    The Chapters EP is a very real representation of Nikita Bassi’s life over the last couple of years.

    “It’s a little bit rough around the edges to be totally honest,” Bassi said. I was initially quite miserable from the world going through such a weird time, then things started to flow, generally and also in terms of my writing. I feel like that comes through the EP somehow.”

    The name may sound cheesy, but Bassi was going some different chapters in her life throughout the EP writing process. She is pretty open about the toll the pandemic took on her.

    “I felt pretty down for a while like most of the world – with the confusion of what life was going to look like,” Bassi recalled. I was also processing a lot of things about my approach to music and artistry, which essentially I was looking at in quite a toxic way. I was putting a lot of pressure on making a living from music, which would be fab!”

    Bassi realized that she stopped making music based on her love of it. The first two songs are a bit tense while the last two songs, which will be released in 2022, “felt like a sigh of relief to write.”

    Her Favorite Collaborations

    Bassi spent a long period of time making tunes with producer/DJ Ki Pharoah. The “Satin” artist found him on SoundCloud just after she left university and loved his sound. She nervously messaged him on there like “hey let’s collab” and he said “sure, come to the studio in Leyton.”

    Next, she headed to the studio as an obviously awkward person who had never done “a session” or anything prior to that encounter. Bassi and Pharoah laughed for a while and immediately created some magic. Looking back, Bassi didn’t realize how good the songs were at the time.

    Nikita Bassi claims that the two connected before she let a load of ‘industry noise’ get in her head. She was hung up with trying to follow trends and emulate a particular sound. DJ Ki Pharoah gave her advice, but knew that she would learn after making a few mistakes. Currently, the singer is still processing the learning curve.

    Fans can expect for Bassi to start making tunes again, and sharing her music because it’s cool music! She is also going to get married, learn to DJ and start doing Spanish lessons again.


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