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    Boosie Boo’s Biopic Serves As Film Debut

    BOOSIE BOOBoosie Biopic

    Legendary rapper and Louisiana native, Boosie makes his film debut! Torrance Hatch Jr., aka Boosie Boo will be releasing his biopic, My Struggle this month.

    His Offensive Comments

    Recently, the controversial rapper publicly expressed his qualms with homophobia. He has spent a significant amount of time addressing the issue in regards to young children. The rapper began doubling down on the issue beginning in 2020. Boosie took to the internet to rant about formal professional athlete, Dwayne Wade.

    According to the, Zaya Wade, then 12, came out as transgender. Many celebrated the news, while a few had their two cents to throw in. One of the few was Boosie Bad**z. The artist admonished Dwayne for allowing a child of Zaya’s age to decided such debauchery for himself. reports a few of the comments the I Know rapper had in regards to Zaya. “At 11 or 12, I’m not sure if I’ll be shopping at Dillard’s or Footlocker, you know? I’m uncertain about going to college or staying. These are major decisions that I can’t make just yet,” he concluded.

    Fast forward to 2021, Boosie is still at it. Lil Nas X has been the object of his objections lately. The artist being the spokesman of the ghetto community unleashes his wrath on the openly gay rapper/singer.

    According to, Nas tweeted that he and Jack Harlow would perform naked at The MTV Video Music Awards for charity. Of course, Boosie did not take this news well. He took LIVE on instagram, going on a tirade of how he would “drag his a** offstage and beat his a**”.

    Boosie’s Self-Promotion

    Other news sources suggest that although Boosie may be sharing his genuine sentiments, he is using the drama to fuel the promotion for his new biopic set to release this month.

    According to, Boosie released the trailer for the movie, My Struggle. The movie is inspired by the song My Struggle from the album Boosie Bada**, released October   24, 2006.

    The premise of the movie describes Boosie’s struggles growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The film is produced by Atlanta-based co-producer Joe Yung Spike via Badazz Movie Company.

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