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    Blac Chyna Selling Personal Items to Make Ends Meet, Seeks Money From Tyga

    Blac Chyna’s Unique Approach to Custody Battle: Selling Personal Items for Legal Funds

    In the midst of the ongoing custody battle between Blac Chyna and rapper Tyga for their son, King, Blac Chyna has taken an unexpected turn to gather funds for her legal expenses. Her strategy? She has decided to sell portions of her personal property, thereby providing some of her most ardent fans and collectors the opportunity to purchase something that no one else owns.

    It really is rather unique. This calendar year, she has sold these for an incredible total revenue of $178,000. This creative approach comes as she’s trying to get $125,000 from Tyga to cover all those piling legal bills connected to the custody dispute.

    But let’s not forget that this move is just one part of the whole drama between these two celebs. The main point of contention is Chyna’s claim that Tyga isn’t sharing important info about their son, like details about his school and medications.

    Yet, folks who are close to Tyga say something different. They insist that Chyna can freely talk to her son anytime she wants and that there’s no issue. The battle for access to King lies right at the heart of their legal clash, and it’s stirring up a whole lot of tension.

    Blac Chyna moving on to sell her personal items has definitely turned many heads, but the effectiveness of that move in winning some custody rights remains to be seen. What is evident from such a situation is that both Chyna and Tyga are dead serious with their efforts in what they believe is for their child’s welfare.

    When it comes to celebrity custody battles, the Blac Chyna and Tyga saga has truly become a headline sensation. With each new development, the plot thickens. Chyna’s steadfast determination to alter the existing custody agreement ensures that this story will remain in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

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