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    Bill Cosby Lecturing in Prison to Crowds of Inmates

    When Bill Cosby was first sent to the slammer, there were some people who didn’t think the ex-comedian would last in such a rigid place.

    But Cosby is proving to those people that there’s nothing to fear from his current situation. In fact, he’s turning the lemons given to him into lemonade, and he’s serving the batch to his fellow inmates. Now it seems as though the personality is lecturing.  According to TMZ,  Bill Cosby is a huge success behind bars, because he has just what his fellow friends in shackles need…advice!

    Bill Cosby Lecturing In Prison

    Since his sentencing, Cosby has been making quite the name for himself. Over at the jail, Cosby has been lecturing the facts of life to anyone who will listen. And apparently, it’s a lot of people who want to hear what he has to say. The former all-American dad, from the Cosby, gives around four lectures per week, with at times, more than 100 people in the crowd.

    His spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, says, “These are the types of men he has wanted to get his messages across to for years, and now he has a totally captive audience.”

    As it turns out, Cosby has been doing the act for around for 3 months now, with no plans to slow down. Sources say his expertise ranges from substance abuse and how to stay clean, adjusting to life after prison and finding work, interview tips, and the importance of reconnecting with family. He mostly works for a group by the name “Man Up,” and incorporates his jokes into his speeches.

    The whole thing may seem ironic, especially since, last year, he got up to 10 years in prison for drugging and indecent assault of Andrea Constand. But hey…maybe Bill Cosby lecturing in prison is his one shot at redemption.

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