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    BabyTate Sends Shots at Hitmaka For Disrespecting Female Rappers

    I’m so sick and tired of seeing men in the music industry pick on female rappers. It’s starting to get to a point where you can’t even ignore the blatant misogyny. A prime example of misogyny is the recent comments from award-winning producer Hitmaka. But luckily Atlanta’s BabyTate had the perfect response to his disrespect.

    In his now-deleted tweet, Hitmaka went on a tirade discussing how female rappers only rap about sex. He then let the world know he is searching for a “pretty female rapper that’s strictly about bars”. Reading this tweet made me lose so many brain cells. Why does she need to be pretty if it’s strictly about music?

    Huge Hypocrite

    My question for Hitmaka is, where is this energy for males? The majority of male rappers will rap about guns, killing, and selling drugs. And half of them never lived that life. In addition, I don’t appreciate him generalizing all female rappers as one-trick ponies. I can name a list of female lyricists like Rhapsody and Noname who don’t rap about sexual topics. Both of them are mainstream and still are overlooked because they aren’t the desired aesthetic that labels are looking for.

    I’m glad that rapper BabyTate stood up to the big industry bully with her SoundCloud single, “Pu$$y Rapper”. Instead of responding back the typical way, I appreciate that she took it to the recording booth, which is the appropriate way as a rapper you should settle your differences. BabyTate was not afraid to lyrically came for his neck and I loved every part of it. I love how she even brought up that his most recent hit was a song called “Thot Box”, which is an obvious contradiction.

    Mind Your Business

    Hopefully, her song will make others have second thoughts before disrespecting another female rapper. Some comments should be kept to themselves.


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