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    Ashanti Addresses Keyshia Cole’s Behavior During Verzuz

    Ashanti Vs. Keyshia Cole: The Long Awaited Verzuz

    Fans are buzzing about the way Ashanti carried herself during this month’s Verzuz battle. She received nothing but praises during the battle with singer Keyshia Cole.

    While Ashanti has been showered with love, Cole has faced some backlash due to her attitude and lateness during the previously cancelled showdown that took place on Jan. 22.

    Ashanti Responds with Grace 

    The New York native appeared to have an open mind about Keyshia Cole’s untimely arrival. Still, she stayed ready.

    “I thought she’d arrive earlier, but I wanted to keep the energy high for my fans despite the delays and technical issues,” the experienced singer stated.

    “I felt like, as women, we should support each other. So, we waited a bit for her. Time passed, and I didn’t realize how much. Then, I got a call saying she wasn’t ready, and we had to figure things out,” she explained.

    Ashanti Acknowledges the Technical Difficulties

    Did fans consider the challenges Keyshia Cole faces are a direct reflection of the way she acted during the battle? Nonetheless, her fellow singer certainly did.

    “There seemed to be a problem with her screen or sound, causing a 90-minute delay. I didn’t understand what was happening. People were waiting, and the event had already faced cancellations and postponements. So, I decided to wait a bit longer before going out,” she said.

    In the end, Ashanti drew some conclusions on Cole’s choice of actions.

    “Everyone has their tough days, you know? There must have been a lot on her plate. The pressure with so many people watching can be overwhelming. If her preparations weren’t in order, it’s natural to get frustrated. Dealing with nerves and all that can surely make someone feel flustered. So, I think that might have played a part in it.”

    Truth is, life gets people down sometimes, but hopefully everything works out in Keyshia’s favor. Big ups to Ashanti for being the bigger person.

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